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Bali Classic And Tanah Lot Sunset Tour
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Jari Menari Spa

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On arrival, the reception team will help you select a massage session that fits your needs.Most popular is the 90-minute Favorite Massage The professionally trained, All-Male Practitioners, will amaze you with their skill and dedication to massage.

Massage is a healing art; we appreciate your time and promise you a memorable massage!The Jari Menari Nusa Dua retail boutique will amaze you with beautiful offerings, displayed to capture your interest and curiosity!Find fragrant potions for the shower, aromatherapy oils, hand made cards, soft robes, wood carvings, incense, ceramic tea pots and many gift ideas easy to take home for your frinds, family and yourself.

The pebbled walk way leads one into an oasis of calm,hoji doors slide quietly to the side evealing spacious massage rooms, with warm wood floors and very comfortable massage tables.

Each room is open to the fresh air and natural light,overlooking a pond filled with bonsai,fish and statues to please the eye.The serenade of the waterfall is blissful!Guests can choose to have a quiet massage on their own,or the opportunity to share a room with your partner or your friends After a massage, enjoy time in the relaxation room.Meditation cushions are available,as is a tatami mat to stretch out and relax on Blaise, Poppie and Sage are good friends.Sunday is a great day to go on an outing with their Moms (Marie & Emily)!What a treat it is to visit Jari Menari Nusa Dua for a massage!Massage appeals to Guests of all ages

Jari Menari Nusa Dua is happy to welcome children to the spa.Dimas, just 20 months old, loves the massage and bath.His Mom enjoys having skilled staff to massage her son while simultaneously she can enjoy a massage too.

After a massage, enjoy time to relax in a flower bath.Warm bath water encourages muscles to further release tension And what is more beautiful then an outdoor bath filled with colorful flowers! Every Thursday, join us for a one day massage class,in the Jari Menari Nusa Dua Training Center, from 9 am to 3 pm

We look forward to welcoming you to Jari Menari Nusa Dua!

  • Dancing Finger Massage - 75 minutes Session
    A full body massage, using oil and a rhythmic flow to ease tension out of the body.
  • Jari Menari\'s Signature Session: The Favorite Massage - 90 minutes
    This Signature Session is a blend of techniques from Swedish Massage, Thai Stretching, Breema Shiatsu, Esalen Massage, Traditional Indonesian Body Work and focussed enrgy. The session features long, flowing strokes with extra time and attention focussed on areas on concern such as the low back, shoulders and neck. A delightfully relaxing massage for rejuvenation!
  • Serenading Singing Bowl - 90 minutes
    In this massage session, an acoustic, vibratory experience is intefrated into the delivery which restores balance and harmony to the body. The Singing Bowl is held above, or placed directly on top of the body, so the vibrations can be absorbed, encouraging ‘adjustments” that are not achieved with external manipulation. The session integrate the music of the Singing Bowl into the Jari Menari \"Dancing Fingers\" Massage
  • Connoisseurs Massage - 90 minutes
    The Jari Menari Staff continually receives extensive, advanced training that will fascinate massage connoisseurs! Each massage is innovative and rhythmic; influenced by yoga, and the gentle, effective stretches release back tension gently and slowly. We are proud to offer this massage, and promise Guests that have received massage around the world, this will be a unique session.
  • Absolutely Amazing - 60 minutes
    A fantastic balance of four hands moving in harmony as two Practitioners blend their strokes for an orchestarted session that leaves guests happily blissed and smiling.
  • I Love Back Massage - 45 minutes
    This massage focuses exclusively on the back of the body, feet, legs and head, using nominal oil on the back.
  • Massage for Children - 45 minutes
    Children are welcome to try the joyful experience of massage with their parents in the same room. These 45-minutes sessions will have kids surrendered into a truly relaxed state as they melt under the gentle hands of the Practitioner.
  • Cool Stone Massage - 30 minutes
    Cooling aloe gel is applied with smooth volcanic stones to moisturize sun burnt skin and refresh the skin, easeing the heat generated by sun kissed skin.
  • Thursday Massage Class from 9 am to 3:30 pm
    Taught by the Senior Jari Menari Staff learn a 9-step, oil-free massage sequence in just one day!
The Thursday Schedule:
? 9:00 am: introductory 40-minute yoga session
? 9:45 am: refreshments and snacks
? 10:00 am: Introduction to massage and the art of touch
Students watch demonstrations, give and receive techniques taught throughout the morning. This class teaches oil-free massage techniques and attention is focused on the back, head, neck, hands and feet

After class enjoy lunch with Jari Menari Staff
Then receive a 90-minute massage
The class will conclude by 3:30 pm with a gift

by reservation ... on Friday
for those wanting additional techniques join us Friday from 9 am to 1 pm This session adds 9 more steps to the sequence, all delivered when the guest is laying face up

  Person   Price   Remark
  Dancing Fingers Massage
 IDR 300.000, -   75 minutes
  The Favorite Massage
 IDR 350.000, -   90 minutes
  Serenading Singing Bowl
 IDR 350.000, -   90 minutes
  Connoisseurs Massage
 IDR 350.000, -   90 minutes
  Absolutely Amazing
 IDR 450.000, -   60 minutes
  I Love Back Massage
 IDR 280.000, -   45 minutes
  A Special Gift for a Special Child
 IDR 250.000, -   45 minutes
  Cool Stone Massage
 IDR 250.000, -   30 minutes
  • All price above is subject to add 10% government tax
  • To maintain a tranquil Bali atmosphere, children are not allowed to wait for their parents in the spa or reception areas. If you are traveling with young children, please make arrangements for child care at your hotel in advance. Thank you for your understanding
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